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5 Steps to Soft, Fresh, Youthful Lips

OUR LIPS are one of the places on our body that start showing signs of aging first, and are most commonly forgotten in our skin care routine. Here are some simple steps to keep those puckers plump without resorting to cosmetic procedures or injectables.
  • Leona Baisley

Skincare Can Be Expensive: 4 Products You Must Use

4 Must Have Skin Care Products

Everyone is focusing on cutting back on our expenses, saving for a rainy day,  spending smarter. All these things are a great idea, but we also want quality of life. We need a few days to get away now and then, a dinner out once in awhile and to be able to take care of ourselves and our skin. While skin care can be expensive there are certain products you MUST use to maintain healthy and youthful skin.

How to Create Full Natural Looking Brows


How to Create Natural Full Brows

THROUGHOUT the decades, we have had quite an eclectic variety of brow shapes and sizes. From the thin brows of the 80’s and 90’s, to the more recent ‘bold’ brow look. And if you are any type of beauty lover at all, it’s probably safe to say that you have tried to followed one, if not both of these fads throughout the last few decades. (Totally fine, we have too!)

WHEN the reality of society finally putting an ax through the days of thin brows sets in, we need to acknowledge that it's a lot harder to grow out our brows to what they once were and take action to get them to where they need to be. I'm here to help. Here's a look at few trends that 2017 will bring.

FIRST and foremost, ‘full but natural’ brows are by far the best route to go, however, if you were part of the millions of females that thinned them out in the 80’s and 90’s, then you might be having a hard time getting there. It’s ok, you are not the only one.

LUCKILY for you, there are some great products out there that can help you grow back the hair that was once there, but be patient, it may take several weeks to get them all grown back in. In the meantime, fill them in with makeup, preferably a brow powder, cream or combination of the two.

To achieve a natural brow look, follow these simple steps:

  1. Apply powder or cream to eyebrow brush and apply to brows starting at the bottom, to create a baseline.

  2. Next, apply more makeup to your brush and start at the center baseline, moving towards the end of your brow to create the tail.

  3. Head back up to the middle, this time towards the top. Move in a downwards motion to meet your other line at the end of your brow. Blend both lines into each other, making a triangular shape.

  4. Next, go back up to the start of your baseline and blend your makeup in an upwards motion to the top of your brow, keeping the makeup application light towards the beginning of the brow. Apply a little bit more makeup if looking for more of a bold brow or no more, if you are going for a natural look.

  5. With a spooley brush, comb through the whole brow to soften as desired.

  6. Lastly, finish off the whole look with a clear gel to set and hold the brows in place all day.

ADDITIONALLY, if you are victim of naturally super thin brows, brow scar or no brows at all, you can opt to try alternative treatments such as Brow Extensions and the semi permanent makeup procedure, Microblading. Both services, which range in price from $150-$700, have become quite popular in recent years and will continue to grow in popularity throughout the year.

HAPPY New Year! May each day in your year be filled with health, happiness and beautiful brows! 

Leona Baisley Vivid Complexion Having been licensed esthetician for over 8 years, Leona has worked for a variety of spas and wax only salons. She is passionate about skin care, waxing and education for both the professional and the client. She has over 4 years of wax training experience for large organizations and is in the beginning stages of creating her own education classes that will help licensed estheticians and cosmetologists grow their businesses and compete with the top professionals in the industry.


Skin Care Resolutions for Beautiful Skin

This year make taking care of yourself your first priority. Life gets busy and job, family, spouses, friends all want a piece of us and it can be overwhelming. We can get lost in the mix.  Many people try changing diets or activity for the new year; and those are important but let’s get a little more personal.

  • Tamera Marquez

Get Your Skin Party Ready for the Holidays

Get Your Skin Party Ready for the Holidays

With this year’s holiday party season upon us, it's important you have the face to go along with your fabulous ensemble. Chaos, shopping, planning, juggling work and kids and everything else this time of year leaves our skin looking as stressed as our brain. You don’t want that gorgeous outfit topped off with a face from The Walking Dead. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Get your skin ready for the festivities with these tips below!

Perfect Stocking Stuffers for Women

Perfect Stocking Stuffers for Women

Not sure what to get the women in your life this year? Looking for some last minute stocking stuffers? Amber Skincare has you covered with these great gifts below.

Supreme Beauty Oil
Winter has her skin feeling parched. A drop or two of our Supreme Beauty Oil will perk up a gals eyes and her spirits! Buy Now! $50

Collagen Lip Therapy
AKA the perfect lip plumper. Get fuller lips fast with Collagen Lip Therapy. No woman has ever been unhappy about fuller lips. #justsayin Buy Now! $26

24 KT Shine Serum
This serum is chock full of 24 KT gold flakes. 24 Karat Shine helps to brighten, smooth, soften and diminish the appearance of fine lines by improving skin's elasticity. Did we mention gold flakes? Buy Now! $53

Geranium Sage Hand Recovery Gift Set
Infuse her dry hands and lips with the moisture they need to survive this winter! We are always reaching for our hand lotion. Geranium Sage is the perfect winter scent. Or you could choose from our other four scents. Whatever floats your boat. Buy Now! $16

Diamonds and Gold Holiday Gift Set
Cover her (or at least her face) with Diamonds and Gold this holiday season! Our Diamond Illuminating Masque will instantly lift her skin and spirits.  Follow with our 24KT eye masque to re-energize the eyes and finish with our luxurious 24KT Shine Serum to smooth and brighten! Buy Now! $45

Deliciously Flavored Lip Balm
Her lips will thank you and so will she. Maybe with a kiss. Cherry Blossom, Coconut, Iced Pear, Vanilla Mint and Wild Berry. A flavor for everyone on your list. Buy Now! $5

Geranium Sage Everyday Body Gift Set
Body wash, body scrub and body lotion. Every woman could use some time to rejuvenate this holiday season and our Everyday Holiday Gift Sets are just what you need to make it happen! Buy Now! $30

Wine Crystal Eye Masques
These high potency eye treatments provide amplified lifting and reparative benefits to the delicate skin under the eyes. It firms and hydrates the skin, increases elasticity, and diminishes wrinkles. So basically it makes us look like the holidays haven’t exhausted us, even though they have. So put these in her stocking! Buy Now! $20

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