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5 Things People with Dry Skin Should Be Doing

Dry skin is condition that happens when the top layers of the skin lack moisture. Although it is often hereditary, it can also be caused by a variety of factors like over-cleansing, sun damage, or hormonal imbalances. You can tell you have dry skin by the size of your pores. If they are are small or barely visible around your nose and t-zone, or if your skin feels tight shortly after cleansing, you most likely have dry skin.

How to Soothe Red, Irritated Skin

We blush very easily, when I'm nervous I feel the heat and the redness increase, our skin gets hot, most products we try irritate our skin. We don't know why except our parents have it or a grandparent. We tell everyone my skin is very sensitive. Things we say or hear others say about our facial skin. Everyone is quick to tell you what you have and what to do about it; are they right, will it work? Let's talk about it.....

7 Things You Should Know About Brow Waxing from a Professional

7 Things You Should Know About Brow Waxing from a Proffesional

You should know all the facts before having your brows waxed. It will help you select the right person to do your waxing and get the results you are hoping to achieve. 

Spring Clean Your Skin Care Routine

Spring Clean Your Skin Care Routine

When the winter cold moves out and the spring brings in the warmer weather and sunny days, it is a good time to take a look at your skin care regime and do a little spring cleaning of your own. There are a lot of similarities between what nature does to itself and what your body and skin do when the seasons change. This makes the perfect analogy to help explain what you should be doing to move the cold out and get ready for the beautiful days ahead!

Here’s what you need to do:

Spring clean your things.

Throw out any skin care products over a year old if they are in a sealed container and if they are in jarred or open container, throw them out after six months. Skin care products start losing their effectiveness and/or dry out once they are opened so you can’t leave them unused for long periods of time. It’s also a good time to clean your makeup brushes while you’re at it. Your brushes can harbor bacteria and clog pores if they aren’t cleaned regularly.

Spring Clean Your Skin Care Routine

Make a date to exfoliate.

Winter creates a build up of dead skin cells on the skin so getting a good exfoliant and using it a couple times a week will help get those dead cells off and reveal the fresh new skin that is underneath.

Soak up a serum.

Customize your routine with a serum filled with antioxidants that will keep your skin bright and smooth. Look for ingredients like vitamin c, hyaluronic acid and peptides, they are really good at their job.

Spring Clean Your Skin Care Routine

Lighten it up.

The skin holds more moisture in the warmer months so you don’t need to be putting on a heavy moisturizer during the day. Oily skin types should always use a light moisturizer but drier skin types should use a light moisturizer during the day and can save their heavier one for night.


Drink lots of water for less breakouts and perfectly hydrated skin.

Protect it.

This a big one. While the antioxidants in the serum will protect the skin from free radical damage and environmental toxins, you need to protect it from UVA (Aging) Rays and UVB (Burning) Rays. Get a cute sun hat and wear it along with a sunscreen of SPF 30 and re apply every 2 hours if you are out in the sun.

Leona Baisley Vivid Complexion Having been licensed esthetician for over 8 years, Leona has worked for a variety of spas and wax only salons. She is passionate about skin care, waxing and education for both the professional and the client. She has over 4 years of wax training experience for large organizations and is in the beginning stages of creating her own education classes that will help licensed estheticians and cosmetologists grow their businesses and compete with the top professionals in the industry.

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5 Steps to Soft, Fresh, Youthful Lips

OUR LIPS are one of the places on our body that start showing signs of aging first, and are most commonly forgotten in our skin care routine. Here are some simple steps to keep those puckers plump without resorting to cosmetic procedures or injectables.
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Skincare Can Be Expensive: 4 Products You Must Use

4 Must Have Skin Care Products

Everyone is focusing on cutting back on our expenses, saving for a rainy day,  spending smarter. All these things are a great idea, but we also want quality of life. We need a few days to get away now and then, a dinner out once in awhile and to be able to take care of ourselves and our skin. While skin care can be expensive there are certain products you MUST use to maintain healthy and youthful skin.