Skin Care Resolutions: Keep It Simple


It’s the end of December, this year has come and gone. Some may say it was a fabulous year and others might have struggled a bit. No matter how it was, it’s time to start thinking about the new year and what things you want to make a priority or do differently. 

Most people choose weight loss or some type of habit quitting, which is fantastic. Forming good habits to better yourself is always a great idea! Let’s say that you had that same “resolution” last year and maybe the years before that, and you failed? It happens … to more people than you think.

Maybe this year, it’s time to change things up and be more realistic with your resolutions and expectations for yourself? 2018 is the year! But how? How can you form good habits and better yourself without failing?

Below are a few tricks that will help you stay on track. For this scenario, we are using the resolution, “To Have Great Skin”, but feel free to fill in the blanks as you see fit with your own resolution.

Write it down. Writing your resolution down and putting it somewhere (or in a couple places) where you can see it and be reminded of it is a great first step! Putting a sticky note on your bathroom mirror to remind yourself to wash your face everyday is super easy and can be very effective!

Start Simple. If you are going from no skin care routine to a seven step process, you may get overwhelmed! Get a basic skin care routine with a cleanser, toner and moisturizer then go up from there. You will notice that on the days you forget or don’t do your routine, your skin doesn’t feel as good, same goes with resolutions like working out or eating health.

Give yourself a month. It takes three and four weeks to form a habit so give yourself (and your skin) some time to get used to it. When using a new skin care routine, you skin will go through an adjustment period where it gets uses to the products you are using. You might breakout at first, but that’s normal, don’t give up. Give it a month and if you are still not happy, it might be that you are not using the right products for your skin. Here is how to identify your skin type.

Know the benefits. Being educated on the products you are using and why they are beneficial for your skin will make it easier to put the products on your face everyday.  For example, if you have breakout prone skin, using products that contact salicylic acid or tea tree will dry them out and help heal them.

Don’t’ give up. If you fall off the wagon and forget to wash your face at night a few times a week, don’t give up completely. It’s okay for things like that to happen. Just get back at it the next day, your skin will forgive you.

Now let’s get to it! Make yourself a priority next year and do it with the confidence that you will indeed, succeed! 

Leona BaisleyLeona Baisley Vivid Complexion Having been licensed esthetician for over 8 years, Leona has worked for a variety of spas and wax only salons. She is passionate about skin care, waxing and education for both the professional and the client. She has over 4 years of wax training experience for large organizations and is in the beginning stages of creating her own education classes that will help licensed estheticians and cosmetologists grow their businesses and compete with the top professionals in the industry.


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