Keep Your Skin Fresh In Flight


Keep Your Skin Fresh In Flight

We all know flying is hard on our precious skin. I fly often and my flights are usually 4-6 hours long. I have spent years figuring out how not to look like a zombie upon arrival. Below are my tips! 


Wash and exfoliate your skin. Apply your toner and moisturizer and dab oil around your eyes. This might be hard for some, but no makeup. In order to look fresh at the end of a flight you will want to apply your makeup just before those seatbelt signs pop on for landing. You also want a clean pallet on your skin for your in-flight skincare. (If you absolutely can't leave with a nude face, use a lightly tinted moisturizer.)


Pack a small bag that contains all of your in-flight needs. Eye mask, serum, oil, moisturizer, lip balm, face wipes and a blackout sleep mask for your eyes. 


Grab a large bottle of water before boarding and sip throughout the flight with the goal of finishing before you land.

About an hour into your flight grab your flight care bag and head to the teeny tiny bathroom. Wash your hands then get to work. Apply a small amount of moisturizer all over your face. Dab your serum around your eyes. Use a drop or two of oil and pat it all over your normally dry and fine line areas (around your eyes, upper lip and wherever else you need it). Slather on the lip balm or chapstick. Head back to your seat and take a big gulp of water. 

At about an hour left in your flight, reapply oil around your eyes, lip balm on your lips and then apply your eye masks for about 15 minutes to reduce puffiness, hydrate and plump any fine lines. Finish your bottle of water. 

If you need or want to apply makeup head to the bathroom and get your color on. 

Ding. That's the sound of the seatbelt light being turned on for landing. 

Use these tips and walk off your next flight looking and feeling fresh and beautiful! 

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  • Stefanie Mullen