7 Steps to Perfect Summer Skin


7 Tips for Perfect Summer Skin
Your skin has different needs with every season. What you do in the winter to keep your face looking fresh and healthy is different than your summer routine. Get your face looking healthy this summer with the seven tips below. 

  1. Protect You Skin from the Sun: Sun exposure over your lifetime causes wrinkles, age spots, dry skin, or worse. The most important thing for your skin is protection from the sun. Use a daily sunblock with at least SPF 15. Always apply 30 minutes before leaving the house. When out in the sun reapply every two hours and more often if sweating or swimming.

  2. Be Nice to Your Skin: The summer sun is harsh on your skin, so treat it gently. Take shorter showers with warm water not hot. Long hot showers dry out your skin. Use a mild cleanser for both your body and face. Harsh soaps strip the oil from your skin.

  3. Change Up Your Routine: Use a lighter moisturizer instead of the heavy one you use in the winter. A lighter moisturizer won’t feel as heavy or cause greasiness. Add a drop of your foundation into your moisturizer for the perfect summer coverage. 

  4. Cleanse Your Skin. Cleanse your skin as soon as you can after sunny, sweaty activities. Don’t let the sweat stay on your skin for hours. In the summer, your cleanser may need to change, try a gel cleanser. 

  5. Tone Your Skin. If you don’t already use a toner the summer is a good time to start. Toners help to hydrate your skin after a shower or washing your face. It helps balance your PH level and reinforce your skins protective layer.

  6. Exfoliate Your Skin. Try using an enzyme exfoliator once a week. This will keep your skin bright and clear of dead dry cells. It is much gentler then a scrub or acid peel, and won’t irritate your skin.

  7. Hydrate! Drinking more water in the summer is important. Did you know you can also eat your water? Try adding fruits and vegetables loaded with hydration into your daily diet. 

Tamera Marquez has been a licensed esthetician for over 15 years and in the beauty business for 25 years has given Tamera a wide range of experience working in spas, salons and in cosmetology schools. She is a National Skin Care & Waxing Educator, working for local and international manufacturing companies. She also works directly with clients in a salon setting. Tamera is an advocate for continuing education for professionals and her clients.

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