Your Holiday Survival Kit


Every Girl's Holiday Survival Kit

While the holidays are filled with laughter and great food, they are also stressful...and don’t even get us started on family drama. You will need a good survival plan to truly enjoy the holidays.

TAKE TIME FOR YOU. It’s easy to get so caught up in all the work, family, friends and chaos and forget to take a moment to breathe. At least once a day, lock yourself away from all the noise and take some time to breath. Sit in a quiet room, breathe in for five counts, hold for five counts, breathe out for five counts. Repeat at least five times, but if Aunt Betty and Uncle Bill are on drink six and arguing publicly about things no one ever wants to hear come out of their mouths, you might want to make it ten.

PERK UP YOUR EYES. Too much wine and too little sleep makes for tired eyes. We can’t give you that sleep back, or the hours back you spent listening to Grandpa Joe’s thoughts on the “youth today not taking time to go outside” over and over, but we can make your eyes perkier. 24KT perkier!  

BE KIND TO YOUR FACE. What a lovely smile you have. No one knows that it’s only real about 50% of the time except you. All that smiling, fake and real, takes a toll on your tired face. Show it some love and cover it in diamonds. Our Diamond Illuminating Masque that is. 

ZAP THE ZITS. GAH! Why does that zit always plant itself right on the tip of your nose when it matters most?  You just know that Cousin Bob will see if from 20 feet away and announce it upon your arrival. “Look everyone, Rudolph’s here.” Stop Bob before he even gets started with Bio-Clear Zit Zapper. High five.

KEEP YOUR SMILE BALMY. Those lips are doing a lot of work. Talking, smiling, holding back all those comments you really want to express but are being a big girl and choosing not to. Reward them with your favorite flavored lip balm. From Cherry Blossom to Coconut we’ve got exactly what your lips deserve.

GIVE YOUR FEET SOME LOVE. High heels, helping in the kitchen, standing because grandma’s living room only has seating for six and there are 30 of you takes it’s toll on your souls. Give them a nightly massage with one of these great scents.

TAKE A LONG SHOWER. You’ve earned it! (But not too long...the environment and all). Lather up with a calming scent and take a few extra moments to unwind. Nice work girl. You made it.

Have a great holiday weekend and whatever you do, DO NOT get stuck at the kiddie table!

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  • Stefanie Mullen