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Get Your Skin Holiday Party Ready

Get Your Skin Holiday Party Ready

The holiday season is upon us and to be quite frank, it’s already overwhelming! With work, family and friend parties happening, endless shopping and juggling work and kids, the last thing you should be worried about is trying to figure out how to get your face to match that fabulous outfit. We are here to save the day (or night) with these tips to get your skin ready for the festivities.

The Benefits of 24KT Gold Flakes in Your Skincare Routine

The Benefits of 24 KT Shine in Your Skincare Routine

A lot of 24KT facial products have been in the buzz lately.  Take a minute to learn the benefits of Gold in your routine. 

1. The nano gold particles used in products such as masks or serums are only 1/2000 of the size of our pore, making it easy to penetrate the dermis.