The Benefits of 24KT Gold Flakes in Your Skincare Routine


The Effects of 24 KT gold flakes on skin.

A lot of 24KT facial products have been in the buzz lately.  Take a minute to learn the benefits of Gold in your routine. 

1. The nano gold particles used in products such as masks or serums are only 1/2000 of the size of our pore, making it easy to penetrate the dermis.

2. The 24KT flakes that you see floating around in your product actually absorb into your skin and brighten skin tone.  

3. These age defying flakes pack a punch of antioxidants to strengthen skin’s elasticity and firmness.  

4. Found in moisturizers and masks, but best when added in serums, they hydrate the skin and smoothes it’s texture.  Serums typically have a smaller molecular structure which penetrates into the skin quicker and for high effectiveness 

5. 24 KT Gold also improve skin’s circulation, which decreasing skin inflammation.  They also facilitate metabolism to help the skin cells self-produce, fight free radicals and restore the skin to a revitalized, hydrated and youthful appearance.

6. And most importantly, it improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

So, if you are looking for a little bit of radiance today, try some 24KT Gold on your skin and smile!

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  • Erin Madson