How to Help Your Child Combat Teen Acne


How to Help Your Child Combat Teen Acne

The dreaded teen happens to males and females and could be as simple as a few pesky breakouts to outright chronic acne.  Acne in teens affects approximately 85% of girls and boys and is caused by hormones, poor eating habits, neglect or any number of reasons.  Dealing with your hormonal teen can get tiresome to say the least.  Here’s a few tips on how to help.

Start with an easy skin care routine.  Don’t spend hundreds of dollars, initially, on product that your teen may not use.  As we know, teens are fickle and pretty much everything embarrasses them, so keep it simple.  We suggest starting with a cleanser and a zip zapping solution, such as a high powered serum.  As she/he gets used to the idea of a skin care regimen, add in a moisturizer and a toner.

When looking for these products, stay away from alcohol in the ingredient deck, as well as oils.  An oil free, gel cleanser is the way to go.  Do look for ingredients like Glycolic Acid, Salicylic Acid and Lactic Acids.  The cleaner the deck - meaning no additives - the better the overall health of the skin will be.

The products that you choose should not strip or dry the skin - causing a whole new problem to occur.  When your teen starts to see a change for the better and has a routine down, make sure they start using a moisturizer that helps fight the acne and hydrates the skin. Especially at night.

Don’t expect immediate results.  Treating acne takes time and the skin needs time to adjust to a new routine.  You may get rid of one breakout to find another tomorrow.  This is why the routine is so important.bConsistency is key!

Don’t over wash!  This can lead to irritation and overproduction of oils, ultimately causing more issues. Wash morning and night and after workouts. 

If your child plays sports, try to pack them a clean towel, or better yet, a facial wipe, to use immediately after a workout or game.  Getting rid of the sweat and debris that cause bacteria and breakouts will help.  Have them wash their face when they get home.

Keep their pillow cases clean. Use a detergent that is allergen and fragrance free.

If your daughter is trying to hide the acne with a bucket of makeup, we understand...but it’s more than likely making matters worse.  Choose a line that is mineral based to blend in the acne as best as possible.  Spending money on a good, natural line of mineral makeup is worth every penny and may save you from spending more in the future.  We love Jane Iredale Cosmetics.  Make a date and have her see a color specialist at your local spa.  These estheticians are used to dealing with acne and can make her feel comfortable in a more private location instead of in the middle of a store.

Acne in teens is not easy to deal with as a parent, let alone for the teenager.  Sometimes action speaks louder than words.  Try to be proactive and help them along by following these tips and make the products accessible for them to use.  They will thank you...someday.

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  • Erin Madson