Transition Your Skin Into Fall


 Skin Care Routine for Fall

With every season change, it’s good to take a look at your skin care routine and make adjustments based on weather, environment and in some cases, even hormonal changes. The cooler weather is fast approaching which means it may be time to switch out a few of your summer beauty products for ones that fit the Fall season.


During this time of year, the weather can leave our skin feeling and looking dry or dull. To help with this, grab a good gentle scrub or enzyme based exfoliant and use it two times a week. This will help slough off those dead skins cells and brighten up your complexion.

Customize With Serums

Everyone’s skin is different so it’s important to take a look at your skin and what you want to accomplish with it and customize it by adding serums where necessary. During the cooler months, people with rosacea or sensitive skin might see more flare ups and may need a little more help keeping it calm and under control. Others with dry and aging skin, might need a little extra help from peptides or collagen to plump up their skin, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Acneic or breakout prone skin may become irritated, dry and sensitive to the touch. There are lots of serums out there, using the right ones for the time of year is crucial to maintain a great complexion.

Switch Up Your Moisturizer

In summer, your skin naturally produces oils that tend to keep your skin hydrated so it’s recommended to use a nice, light moisturizer to help balance the oils. In Fall, with crisp weather and winds bringing in the cold weather, those with dry/aging skin should switch to a heavier moisturizer to protect and help your skin retain moisture. For some time combination or acneic skin, continuing to use your light moisturizer but opt to use a heavier moisturizer or balancing skin oil in areas of dryness or sensitivity.

Don’t Forget Your Eyes and Lips

Oh my goodness, dehydrated eyes and lips are so common during this time of year so show them a little extra love right now. Eye and lip treatments that contain peptides and hyaluronic acid with not only give them a little added hydration, but also plump them up and help them retain moisture.

Regardless of your skin type and season, always use an SPF of 30 during the day. You may think you don’t need it, but you do.

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  • Leona Baisley