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How to Introduce New Products into Your Skin Care Routine

People are creatures of habit and routine. They can be become upset or resistant when change in their lives occur. In the skin care world, many of us find a product or skin care line we love, and use it forever and expect for that same product to work for us forever.

This, unfortunately, is not the case for most. Over time, our skin changes for many different reasons, like age and weather. It’s important to know how to introduce a new skin care line or product into your routine when the time is right.

How To DIY A Spa Style Facial

How to DIY a Spa Style Facial

Going to the spa or salon for a facial is always a great way to relax, rejuvenate your complexion and slow down the signs of aging. Getting a facial once in awhile is a great way to jump start great skin but not everyone the time or money to do that monthly. If you can't go to the spa, bring the spa to you. 

Why Facial Oils Should Be Used for ALL Skin Types

Why Facial Oils Should Be Used for All Skin Types

“Facial Oils? For MY skin? WHAT?!” Yes, that is right folks. Facial oils are here and they are here to stay. Facial oils actually have been around for decades, however, have become quite popular most recently as more and more people use them, see results from them and can’t live without them.

What You Should Do In Your 20s for Great Skin in Your 40s

What You Should Do In Your 20s for Great Skin in Your 40s

It's never too early to start taking care of your skin. Someday later in life you will be grateful you invested the time now. 

1. Establish a routine.  Getting into a healthy routine now, means it will become habitual later.  Morning and night routines keep you fresh and healthy.

10 Ways to Prevent Acne Breakouts

10 Ways to Prevent Acne Breakouts

Acne breakouts are frustrating and make us feel self conscious. Use these ten tips to prevent breakouts and restore clear skin. 

11 Ways to Look Fresh After a Sleepless Night

No sleep last night? Baby kept you up? Busy mind kept you awake? Had too much fun with friends? Whatever the reason no one wants to wander through their day looking like a zombie. These 11 steps will having you fooling everyone into thinking you slept like a teenager.