10 Ways to Prevent Acne Breakouts


10 Ways to Prevent Acne Breakouts

Acne breakouts are frustrating and make us feel self conscious. Use these ten tips to prevent breakouts and restore clear skin. 

1. No Junk!  Take out that soda and the fried foods - you have to healthy on the inside to maintain health on the outside.  Make sure to drink plenty of water.

2. Don’t over wash your skin.  Constantly washing and exfoliating will not allow your skin to maintain oil balance, leading to overproduction of surface oil.  Mildly wash and exfoliate with products that have salicylic acid, glycolic acid and lactic acid in it to naturally get rid of harmful oils that cause breakouts.  

3. Use a cleanser that is alcohol free to combat dehydrated skin and to prevent discolorations that may be left over from acne breakouts.  Alcohol can lead to an increase in breakouts, enlarged pores, and could make inflammation worse. There are excellent toners to use after cleansing to get that “degreasing” effect you think you get from using alcohol.

4. Speaking of dehydration, look for a good plant derived oil - that’s right oil - to restore moisture and prevent pores from clogging.  For example, using products that contain Argan Oil have intense anti-inflammatory and natural antiseptic properties to heal and balance skin’s natural oil production.

5. For acneic areas, spot treat with a stronger formulation, such as a targeted serum.  Look for a strong, yet balanced formulation that combines acne defense with gentle ingredients that aren’t going to damage the skin around the breakout.

6. After workouts, immediately rinse and gently cleanse your face.  It is important to eliminate the bacterias that can encourage breakouts as well as dead skin cells, leaving the skin open to receive acne fighting ingredients.

7. Treat body acne the same as you would face acne.  A lot of teens and athletes have to deal with breakouts along their athletic gear lines.  Treat those breakouts with the same products you would for your face.

8. Dedicate yourself to an at-home regimen.  Continuity of a product line and a routine will be the best weapon against acne.  Give it some time to heal.  After you see results, don’t give up your routine!

9. Don’t pop your zits!  Constantly examining, touching and popping your breakouts only prolongs healing.  Let the products do the work.

10. Go to your local spa to consult with an acne specialist.  Treat yourself to a facial or two - having a pro treat your skin will inspire you to do the same at home!

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  • Stefanie Mullen