11 Ways to Look Fresh After a Sleepless Night


11 Ways to Look Fresh After a Sleepless Night

No sleep last night? Baby kept you up? Busy mind kept you awake? Had too much fun with friends? Whatever the reason no one wants to wander through their day looking like a zombie. These 11 steps will having you fooling everyone into thinking you slept like a teenager.

1. Workout. Nothing will brighten a dull face faster than a 20 minute cardio workout. Even a brisk walk with a little sun on your face will do the trick. Don’t forget your sunblock!

2. Exfoliate. Get rid of the facial doldrums with good exfoliation. Remember to never press too hard when exfoliating. Gently massage it into your skin, your exfoliator will do the work.

3. Splash. Finish with a splash or three of cold water. At the very least it will wake you up.

4. Moisturize. Use a good moisturizer under your makeup to prevent your foundation from caking into fine lines and wrinkles.

5. Eye Masque. Get rid of those puffy under eyes with a 15 minute eye masque. Keep these in your refrigerator for extra cooling which will help to reduce the puffiness.

6. Get dewy. Before you apply concealer, dab a little bit of oil around your eyes.

7. Color. Add some color to your cheeks and a little bronzer to the rest of your face. Nothing says exhausted like pale, tired skin. Brighten your tired face with color. Peach is the perfect color to detract from dark circles.

8. Lighten. Add some illuminating powder under the inner corners of your eyes to brighten your eyes.

9. Distract. Brighten up your lips with a bold color. A touch of gloss on top makes all the difference.

10. Hydrate. Drink tons of water. Your face needs hydration and a lack of sleep depletes it. Eight glasses a day!

11. Eye Whitener. Using eye drops to get rid of the red tired eyes will significantly brighten up your face.

Use these 11 tips and they'll all think you went to bed at seven o’clock with a good book. SaveSaveSave

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