What You Should Do In Your 20s for Great Skin in Your 40s


The Skincare Routine You Should Be Doing in Your 20s for Healthy Skin In Your 40s

It's never too early to start taking care of your skin. Someday later in life you will be grateful you invested the time now. 

1. Establish a routine.  Getting into a healthy routine now, means it will become habitual later.  Morning and night routines keep you fresh and healthy.

2. Don’t try to exfoliate too much at a young age.  Your skin cell renewal process is healthy and rapid at a young age.  If you don’t need it, don’t force it!  An easy scrub one or twice a week is all you need.

3. Keep it hydrated!  Don’t start the cycle of dry skin.  Nourish it while you are young! Use a moisturizer morning and night.

4. Use sunscreen! Wear hats too!  Just because you do not have sun spots now, doesn’t mean you won’t have them in the future.  Protect with an oil free sunscreen made for the face instead of a cheap one with chemicals and pore clogging ingredients.

5. After sports, wash, wash and wash again.  It’s the best way to prevent those breakouts and possible acne scars.  If you do have breakouts, use a cleanser that has glycolic and salicylic acids in it to remove the oils and debris.

6. Don’t fall asleep with your makeup on.  Invest in a good makeup remover and follow with a gently cleanse.  Your pillow and your skin will thank you.

7. Take care of fragile areas - especially around the eyes and lips.  Early prevention and can save you time and money later on.

8. Don’t smoke.  The easiest way to keep your skin healthy - and your lungs - is to stay away from smoking.  Smoking gives you premature wrinkles around the lips and eyes. Who wants those?

9. Don’t forget to treat your neck with the same moisturizer as your face.  It will help with any skin sagging and dehydrated skin that may be headed your way.

10. Apply a nightly serum.  A potent serum with Vitamin C should do the trick to keep skin healthy.  As you age, your skin routine will change,  so keeping it light and healthy now will give you a head start on flawless!

Madson is co-owner of Amber Products and 5MK.  She has been in the spa industry for over 20 years.  Erin heads education, innovation and sales with her husband, Mark Madson.

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  • Erin Madson