How to Soothe Red, Irritated Skin


How to Soothe Red, Irritated Skin

We blush very easily, when I'm nervous I feel the heat and the redness increase, our skin gets hot, most products we try irritate our skin. We don't know why except our parents have it or a grandparent. We tell everyone my skin is very sensitive. Things we say or hear others say about our facial skin. Everyone is quick to tell you what you have and what to do about it; are they right, will it work? Let's talk about it.....

Chronically red skin effects millions of people and most don't know what to do about it. Dry skin and Rosacea are two of the most common causes of red skin. Knowing the causes and triggers is extremely helpful in treating red, irritated skin.


Lifestyle changes can help. Some include, cleansing routines, eating habits, levels of stress. All these things will effect our skin. Here are some of the best practices for treating chronically red skin.

Dry Skin: Avoid using harsh cleansers. Instead use moisture protecting cleansers. Avoid using products with a lot of alcohol in them, as it is drying. Do use moisture toners, and a stable vitamin C. Use broad spectrum sunscreen every day. Try adding oils or serums.

Rosacea: There are many triggers that cause a rosacea flare up. Avoiding these triggers help to keep the redness away and keep it from getting worse. Those triggers are: wind and sun exposure, stress, spicy foods, alcohol, hot water (I know we love our hot showers) and change in seasons such as spring and fall. Going from cold to hot and hot to cold. Topical treatments such as azelaic acid, retinoic acid and vitamin C are great for treating the redness in rosacea.

As we all try to deal with our chronic red skin, know there is relief out there and with small changes in our diets, lifestyle and our skincare routines, we can make a real difference. Keep with it and you'll reduce and prevent your redness from getting worse, keep an eye on what your triggers are so that you can avoid them.

Tamera Marquez has been a licensed esthetician for over 15 years and in the beauty business for 25 years has given Tamera a wide range of experience working in spas, salons and in cosmetology schools. She is a National Skin Care & Waxing Educator, working for local and international manufacturing companies. She also works directly with clients in a salon setting. Tamera is an advocate for continuing education for professionals and her clients.

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