5 Things People with Dry Skin Should Be Doing


5 Things People with Dry Skin Should Be Doing

Dry skin is condition that happens when the top layers of the skin lack moisture. Although it is often hereditary, it can also be caused by a variety of factors like over-cleansing, sun damage, or hormonal imbalances. You can tell you have dry skin by the size of your pores. If they are are small or barely visible around your nose and t-zone, or if your skin feels tight shortly after cleansing, you most likely have dry skin.

Here is a list of 5 things people with dry skin should be doing:

Cleansing with a creamy cleanser. If you have dry skin and are using a gel or foamy based cleanser, it’s time for a change. Creamy cleansers work by cleansing the skin without stripping the natural moisture barrier of the skin.

Exfoliate. With dry skin, it’s best to use a scrub that manually sloughs off the dead skin cells that make your face look “flaky”. Doing this twice a week stimulates cell renewal which in turn, promotes natural moisture levels to rise.

Soothe. Dry skin can cause the skin to be sensitive in certain areas. Two of the most common ingredients to look for are cucumber and aloe vera. These make for a wonderful combination that soothes skin irritations.

Treat with serums. Serums are the best products for treating skin conditions. They are easily added into a routine and are applied after cleansing and toning, prior to putting on moisturizer. When you have dry skin, looks for ingredients like hyaluronic acid, jojoba oil and/or peptides. All are fantastic for plumping the skin and bringing (and keeping) moisture back into the skin.

Moisturize and Protect. Using a good moisturizer and protecting your skin from sun damage is crucial for keeping your skin smooth and soft. One of the best moisturizing agents is Shea butter. Look for it as a main ingredient in your moisturizer and you won’t regret it. Combine it with or top it off with a good sunscreen and you will be ready to go.

With dry skin, you cannot go wrong with putting moisture on your skin, but you need to ensure the products can penetrate properly by removing the dry, flaky skin that lingers at the surface. Once that new skin shines, take care of it with a good cleanser and proper moisture to prevent dry, flaky skin from showing up again.

LEONA BAISLEY: Having been a licensed esthetician for over 8 years, Leona has worked for a variety of spas and wax only salons. She is passionate about skin care, waxing and education for both the professional and the client. She has over 4 years of wax training experience for large organizations and is in the beginning stages of creating her own education classes that will help licensed estheticians and cosmetologists grow their businesses and compete with the top professionals in the industry.

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