Make Every Day Great: Start Your Day the Right Way


Start Your Day The Right Way with These Simple Tips

Hit The Snooze Button Once

Are you hitting your snooze button over and over? Go ahead and stop that. Set your alarm for 10 minutes before you need to actually get out of bed. Instead of going back to sleep reach for the notebook you placed beside your bed the night before and right down five specific things you are grateful for today. Decide on a word you want to define your day and write that down as well. Now you are armed with a positive attitude and focus for the day instead of your usual a glassy-eyed zombie self.

Start Your Day The Right Way with These Simple Tips

Make Your Bed

For those of you who already make your bed, you know the joy of this and can move on to the next. For those of you who don’t, I will admit that I was never a bed maker. “What’s the point” I would say, it will just get messed up tonight. Somewhere along the way I read that some days that could be the only thing you successfully accomplish. Some days that’s so right. Now that I have started making my bed, I feel accomplished before I start my day and again when I finish it. It’s nice to bookend your day with a success, no matter how small.

Start Your Day The Right Way with These Simple Tips

Show Your Face Some Love

Wash, scrub, tone and moisturize your skin with love. By love we mean on of three Amber Products Skin Care Lines of course. Age Defense, Acne Defense and Classic Collection. Taking care of your skin every morning does three things. One, it keeps your skin healthy and fresh for a lifetime. Two, it makes any makeup you apply look so much better. Three, having freshly cared for skin makes you glow and glowing makes you confident.

Start Your Day The Right Way with These Simple Tips

Eat A Healthy Breakfast

“But taking the time to eat breakfast means I have to get up 15 minutes earlier.” Ditch the sleep and eat. Hard boiled eggs, a quick smoothie, berries and oatmeal, yogurt and berries, avocado toast (don't forget to post it on social because no avocado toast has ever been eaten until it’s been posted) and peanut butter and banana are just a few ideas. Eating a healthy breakfast kicks in your metabolism, maintains your energy levels and helps keep you from eating the donuts Bob brought in AGAIN.

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