The DO’S and DON’TS of Peels, Laser & Microblading


 The DO’S and DON’TS of Peels, Laser & Microblading

As you scroll through the most popular posts on Instagram and Facebook, it’s pretty clear that people are looking for ways to keep their skin flawless and their brows beyond perfect. In fact, they want everything so flawless and so perfect, that they are receiving advanced skin care treatments and permanent makeup to keep it that way.

Many people, however, don’t realize that in order to achieve and maintain good results from these treatments, you need to take care of and protect your investment (your skin). Luckily, for treatments like peels, laser skin treatments and eyebrow Microblading, the aftercare is very similar.

Because of that, we thought it would be good idea to compile a basic list of things you should and should not do after these types of procedures.


Do wash your face with a mild cleanser. One that doesn’t contain any acids or exfoliating ingredients like enzymes, retinoids, exfoliating beads.

Do keep your head elevated if there is any swelling.

Do limit your time outdoors and apply SPF 30 anytime you go outside.


Don’t use any sponges or washcloths on your skin. Clean hands only!

Don’t rub, pick or scratch the treatment area. Basically just don’t touch.

Avoid activities that result excessive sweating: strenuous exercise, saunas, hot tubs.

Do not apply any makeup to treatment area.

Don’t use tanning beds as it may cause hyper-pigmentation or sun damage.

As with any type of skin treatment, aftercare is crucial to maintain great results. It’s like going to the gym but then going home and eating unhealthy food. You aren’t going to get great results. So take your time, do it right and it will be worth it.

Please note: because their are so many different treatments out there, you should always check with your doctor or technician on what their before and after care instructions are as well.

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  • Stefanie Mullen